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Join us to learn more about our Protocols. We offer free info sessions, presentations and webinars to show you how our protocols work, answer your questions, and much more. Make sure to check back regularly for events in your area.

  • Denver, CO Oct. 6 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM) "Laser Adjusting, An Introduction & Demonstration"
    Beverages & Appetizers Served
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Upcoming Presentations

These eye opening presentations are engaging and informative. See SRT in action, learn how it has such consistent and powerful effects, and even volunteer for a demonstration!


Denver, CO Free Laser Adjusting Intro & Demonstration

Frank Jarrell, DC - Developer of SRA & SRT Protocols, Founder of Spinal Reflex Institute Intl.

Frank Jarrell, DC - Developer of SRA & SRT Protocols, Founder of Spinal Reflex Institute Intl.

Join Dr. Frank Jarrell, the worlds leading expert on Spondylogenic Reflex Syndromes and developer of SRA Laser Adjusting Protocols for an eye opening Free Presentation and Demonstration on "Laser Adjusting, An Introduction and Demonstration"

  • Meet the developer Frank Jarrell, DC and see SRA Laser Adjusting in action
  • You will learn
    What SRA Laser Adjusting is & why it is so powerful & effective
    Differences between old and new laser technologies & treatment protocols
    How to integrate Laser Adjusting into your practice
    How SRA Laser Adjusting will transform your outcomes and income, and much more!
  • You will see Demonstrated: SRA Laser Adjusting Protocol & Lumix Lasers used on demonstration volunteers and see just how fast, powerful and effective Laser Adjusting is
  • Volunteer for a personal demonstration!
  • When: Thursday Oct. 6, 2016 / 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Where: 777 Washington St. Denver, CO | Community Room


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