Spinal Reflex Institute, International's evidenced based protocols are fast, dependable, predictable and reproducible. They provide immediate improvements in patient outcomes every time and can be immediately integrated into your practice.


SRI Certification Programs

Spinal Reflex Therapy for Physical Therapy, Rehab & Sports Medicine is an evidence based Assessment and Treatment Certification Program for Physical Therapy that effectively addresses the patho-physiology and symptomology of the spondylogenic reflex syndrome. SRT for PT is available for PT, PTA, ATC, OT & Physioptherapy professions.

Spinal Reflex Therapy for Massage Therapy is an evidence based Assessment and Treatment Certification Program for Massage Therapy that effectively addresses the pain and dysfunction caused by the spondylogenic reflex syndrome.

Spinal Reflex Analysis for Physicians and Mid-Level Providers is an evidence based protocol designed to rapidly identify one of the most prevalent causes of neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) pain and dysfunction. SRA is available for DC, DO, MD, PA, Ortho, ND, NP, DOM & LAc professions.

5MinuteBack/TrueCore™ is an evidence based, safe and profoundly effective way to reduce or eliminate the muscle and joint pain, restricted movement and impaired physical performance created by the spondylogenic reflex syndrome in as little as five minutes a day! 5MinuteBack/TrueCore is available for physicians and most therapists.

SRA Laser Training & Sales - Lumix Lasers are technologically years ahead of all other therapeutic lasers in their Superpulsed, High Frequency/High Power technology for tissue healing and regeneration capabilities. When coupled with SRA Laser protocols and/or FLIR infrared imaging, outcomes are superior in all aspects. These programs and products are available for physicians and most therapists.

SRA Pain Management and Pain-Med Options - SRA Pain Management programs combine the power of SRT and SRA Diagnostics and Treatment protocols, the bodies endogenous pain analgesic system, advanced technology and TrueCore™ procedures into one comprehensive pain management system. These programs are available for physicians and therapists.

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