Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Reviews

"For the first time in over four and half years I can finally say that I am pain free thanks to Spinal Reflex Therapy. While on a cross training day for a marathon I ruptured 2 discs in my lower back in October 2011, I had my first surgery at the end of December that year and was back under the knife in July of 2012.  I had resigned myself to living with a constant gripping pain in my lower back ever since.  After receiving just one treatment with Spinal Reflex Therapy I noticed a significant reduction in my pain and a marked improvement in back flexibility. After my third treatment I woke up totally pain free and able to touch my toes, this therapy WORKS!!!!!!!!"

- M.M


"I have had neck and back soreness for many years. Frequent visits to physical therapists have offered some relief but usually very temporary. I recently had an issue with my neck that caused loss of strength in my left arm. One treatment with Spinal Reflex Therapy returned almost full strength to my arm and a substantial reduction in pain in my neck. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from neck and back pain."

- D.H.

"I have taken the opportunity to work with a case study and have so far had two sessions to treat a knee problem. The patient had swelling and decreased range of motion before treatments. After two sessions oedema has lessened and the range of motion has increased. No longer does the patient suffer from pain walking downhill, she only occasionally feels a lateral tension on the knee, and her pain has reduced."

- B.D., PT


"As a Physical Therapist with 31 years of experience in all aspects of care from manual therapy certification to various other soft tissue and joint techniques, I have found the SRT protocol to be the technique that pulls it all together. The evaluation is straight forward, quick to perform and identifies the spondylogenic reflex accurately so corrective treatment can begin in less than 2 minutes. I have seen patients muscle weaknesses dramatically improve in just a few minutes whereas it would take much longer using any other technique. With the supplied App I have a roadmap that takes the guesswork out of the SRS pattern that is very dependable, predictable and reproducible. I recommend Spinal Reflex Therapy to every Physical Therapist regardless of their field of practice as the spondylogenic reflex is universal in its effects on the human body and its ability to heal."

- J.M., PT, MTC

"I have been busy practicing SRT to my heart’s content and I am constantly amazed by the results and comments from my patients. I recently had a patient with Achilles tendonitis, I've treated three times (out of four) with SRA and the first treatment I saw her for was Dry Needling. She’s a Personal Trainer and was competing in a competition at a Gym for 12 weeks (just finished last week)…she won a $1000 travel voucher.  She said she would not have had any hope of completing the comp if she hadn't seen me for treatment and she is now a huge fan of SRT."

- L.A., PT


"Frank and Jennifer are both extremely talented, patient and humble in their approach to teaching, and their caring for their patients and colleagues are readily seen. I have learned a tremendous amount from them."

- J.M., PT, MTC