Your career achievements are determined by your client outcomes
Consistently better outcomes = Growth in new and repeat clients = Increased income

Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) will train you to identify and treat the root cause and driver of nearly all neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction conditions. With Spinal Reflex Therapy, when you treat the cause, you've treated the symptoms!

SRT has been proven to address the 7 Rules of a Successful Practice: increased treatment outcomes, client satisfaction, referrals, client volume, practice income, professional confidence and professional satisfaction. These 7 Rules determine your success and satisfaction as a professional leader in your field.


Experience the 7 Rules of Success through Spinal Reflex Therapy!

I just completed the workshop this weekend and am changing the way I practice already! My clients are thrilled with the results from just one SRT treatment and they can’t wait to come back!”

-L.C.V., LMT
  • Immediate activation and all practice materials within 1 week of registering
  • Powerful and easy to learn & integrate into your practice
  • Predictable, dependable & reproducible outcomes
  • Clients love the results and it increases your referrals & income
“Wow” That is the first word out of my mouth after receiving an SRT treatment … much better pain relief than my opiate medications. I feel so good after an SRT session, I don’t even need a cane for a couple of days! I highly recommend SRT for anyone suffering from chronic pain!”
- S.

  • Get started immediately, train on your schedule through our combined home study materials & hands-on workshops
  • Everything you need is included at one low price with complete materials, accurate tools and precise treatment guides
  • Heroic outcomes, ecstatic clients and appointments booked can be achieved in as little as 3 months of practice
  • You cannot afford to loose another dollar of the income you can achieve with SRT Outcome Based Care

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The 7 Rules of a Successful Practice start with Client Outcomes