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Featured Program - Laser Therapy & SRA Diagnostics using Lumix Laser

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Spinal Reflex Institute, International's evidenced based protocols are fast, dependable, predictable and reproducible. They provide rapid improvements in patient outcomes every time and can be immediately integrated into your practice.

Most importantly, they give you the edge you need to be at the top of your profession both clinically and financially. 

Developed by Dr. Loyd Frank Jarrell, the leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndromes, SRI's protocols are the most effective procedures on the market for managing neuromusculoskeletal conditions, health and performance. Dr. Jarrell is a Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis (SRA), Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) and SRA Laser Science and Therapy Instructor.


Training the Best in Professions
Meet Our Highly Experienced Instructors


Loyd Frank Jarrell, DC

Jennifer Sovine, PTA, LMT

Richard Cimadoro, DC

Sharon Fussell, LMT


Jeffree Gars, DC, LCSW

Sally Gilbert-Lewien, LMT

Fred Lewin, DC

Nelson Marquina, DC, PhD


John McAward Jr., PT, MTC

Seth Mittleman, DC

Aruna Ramamurthy, LMT

Joyce Reynolds, LMT


Judy Silcock, LMT, BCTMB

Steve Zeswitz, LMT


SRI Certification Programs Are Different

Becoming an SRA or SRT Certified Provider is extremely beneficial to your practice, patients/clients, and to yourself. 

Learn more about The Benefits of SRI and Why You Should Choose SRI as your continuing education provider.

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