Physician & Mid-Level Reviews

100% of survey respondents (90% of course students) said they would recommend this program to a colleague or friend,
with comments ranging from ‘Very informative,’ ‘very interesting’ to ‘powerful’ and ‘excellent.’

"This system totally rocks!!!! I'm very satisfied already with the precision and brilliance of the system.  Patients were pleased with treatment before, now they are ecstatic!!!!

- A.H., DC


Very informative, clear, honest

- Anonymous


"I continue to be impressed with SRA every day. SRA has changed my practice and redefined my view of chiropractic." 

- R.T., DC

“I think [SRA] shows what chiropractic originally was about, going back to the roots before we had [the] technology to prove it

- Anonymous


Dr. Jarrell's information on spinal reflexes relative to adjusting patterns is one of the most innovative insights into subluxation and treating patients in our field in 30 years!  I recommend his course to every DC.

- D.K., DC 


Efficient, powerful!

- Anonymous

"The SRA treatment was very beneficial to me as a patient, and improved several neck and other body points that have been under stress. The chiropractic analysis and adjustment were by far the most thorough and comprehensive that I have experienced. [note: I have seen many chiropractors] Thank you so much."

- A.K.


When Dr. Jarrell got into the various different SRS levels it was so exciting my pen couldn't keep up with all the notes that I wanted to record!

- M.W., DC 


"I can't begin to express the level of satisfaction I have with the SRA system!!!  The results are phenomenal, patient satisfaction was at a high level prior to this, now the comments are... not sure how to express.  And I'm just getting started."

- A.H., DC

"Dr. Jarrell, I just wanted to send this note to say Thank You for presenting the SRA Seminar over the past weekend. I enjoyed listening to your explanation, and watching you applied the SRA method on us and on the few guests. It was amazing to see the quick results. I realized that the total SRA system, including nutrition, laser, 5 min exercise and other components may be is the right techniques that I can incorporate to help my patients and build my practice.  There was so much to absorb during the 2 days seminar. I went home energized.  I spent Sunday evening until the wee hour going over all the notes in order to synthesizing them down. I'm hoping to acquire this system soon.  Thank you for reminding us that we are clinicians, and that made me very proud to be a chiropractor. 

Thank you Dr. Jarrell for the awesome seminar."  

- T.N., DC, JD

"I had tendonitis in my knee. Dr. Jarrell assessed me, treated me with SRA, and that same day I went out, pain free, for a ride. It was incredible. It works, no medicine, no surgery, it works right away. Great for recovery and preventing injury. I would, and have, recommended SRA to anyone. Amazing results right off the table!"

- Todd Wells, Olympic Cyclist


I was informed about other causes of true underlying sources of neurological [and that] corrections need to be made” 

- Anonymous


Very good leg check technique to diagnose patient’s subluxations and symptoms

- Anonymous


I enjoyed learning about lasers and codification of spinal adjustments [and the] cascade of events

- Anonymous

"I have found SRA to have increased my treatment specificity improving my clinical outcomes as a result. What a thrill to understand the basis of spinal patterns observed in my patients over the years. Having the ability to confirm THE primary subluxation that drives the patient's cascade of symptoms and their reflex muscle responses...amazing. This tool gives you confidence and ends the chasing of symptoms. Highly recommended."

- R.T., DC


Really enjoyed your seminar. Greatly enjoyed the science behind both the laser equipment and the technique."

- C.O., DC


Very interesting, organized presentation

- Anonymous

Dr. Marquina made the material very understandable and concise (He’s brilliant)

- Anonymous


Great insights, very reproducible” 

- Anonymous


"I've been using the SRA system with the Lumix 2 for about two weeks. The synergy involved with this is unbelievable!!!!!

Patient satisfaction has been very good prior to using the laser, it is now evident that the bar has been raised exponentially!!!!

When you wrote that this is the best thing you have seen in Chiropractic, I knew I needed to attend the seminar. This was the best seminar, most info, best application, that I have come across in fifteen years as a D.C."

- A.H., DC