SRA Laser Therapy & IR Training Reviews

The Laser Success Formula

"I took the leap and purchased a Lumix 3 - 250W 18 months ago. My cash earnings from the laser alone was $85,000 by the end of the first year! I paid my laser off 2.8 times in one year including start-up! Dr. Jarrell not only trained me on the most powerful modality available today, he trained me on a successful laser business model, case management, laser patient workflow and how to promote the Lumix Laser difference!!! It was is just a laser sale, it is an SRA Laser Success Formula!" 

 - Dr. RT, Virginia

Really enjoyed your seminar. Greatly enjoyed the science behind both the laser equipment and the technique."

- C.O., DC

 “I enjoyed learning about lasers and codification of spinal adjustments [and the] cascade of events

- Anonymous

"I've been using the SRA system with the Lumix 2 for about two weeks. The synergy involved with this is unbelievable!!!!!

- Anonymous

"Patient satisfaction has been very good prior to using the laser, it is now evident that the bar has been raised exponentially!!!!"

- Anonymous


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