Pain Management Without Opioids

The Time is Now, and the Strategy is Proven

Pain management is a multi-faceted approach

Pain is a complex and challenging emotional experience that can perplex even the best of pain management providers and clinics.

The range of skill sets in the field of pain management is diverse and the strategies are no less scattered throughout the treatment spectrum. As pain management providers, it can be difficult to find and implement the most effective strategies that have the lowest adverse reactions. 

The SRI, Intl. Position on Pain Management

SRI, Intl. takes the position that reducing or eliminating pain and shifting CNS tone from sympathetic dominance to parasympathetic balance through SRA, SRT, 5MB/TrueCore protocols is the starting point in any truly effective pain management program.

Developed by Dr. Frank Jarrell, SRT, SRA, SRA Laser and 5MB/TrueCore protocols seamlessly integrate with each other to set the foundation for a pain-free experience. Subsequent or collaborative strategies in diet, nutrition, activities, ergonomics, counseling and transitory non-addictive pain medications can naturally coexist in a low risk pain management program.

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