SRA Pain & Laser Fact & Purchase Guide

Download the Laser Fact and Purchase Guide PDF

At last, a science based overview of therapeutic laser technology separating fact from fiction, and sales hype from true data. This quick reference guide will help you to recognize the four critical laser features that determine optimal patient outcomes.
Courtesy of SRA Pain and Laser Training & Sales, you may download & print the PDF on the two major classifications of lasers, power, pulse rates, wavelengths, tissue response, depth of penetration and a sample of treatable conditions as a guide. 


Do The Numbers Add Up?  Laser Purchase Guide

It is important that you are empowered to make a purchase decision that fits your needs (not necessarily ours). We hope we can, and we will do our best to assist you in this process in any way possible.

This quick reference guide will help you evaluate 'the numbers' of a laser purchase relevant to your practice. Please download and print the attached PDF for your use and convenience.  

You may call us at 970-259-5520 for a conversation about your clinical interests, needs, practice style, interest in expanding your scope of treatable conditions, and any other questions you have and we will suggest model options best suited to your requirements.