Spinal Reflex Therapy makes the
“Best workouts of 2015” list!

“Best low-impact: Spinal Reflex Therapy"

"Although this is hardly a workout — it's more of a physical therapy — I can't ignore the impact Spinal Reflex Therapy has had on my fitness this year.

SRT is like the master's degree of massage therapy, using solid pressure on specific points on the body (typically near the spine) to affect a person's neurology. It treats the actual root cause of muscle impairment and changes nerve activity.

It really works. My once-but-no-more-junky left shoulder is SRT's biggest spokesperson.

Sally Gilbert-Lewien at Rocky Mountain Clinical Massage in Boulder offers this treatment, which I now turn to every time my body needs a tune-up or I experience a mild injury or muscle tweak. Regular massage just doesn't cut it anymore. . .”

Excerpted from: Best workouts of 2015, Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado, By Aimee Heckel,  Staff Writer / Posted: 12/29/2015. 


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