5Minute Body for Life Program

5Minute Body for Life

With 5 Minute Body for Life you can enjoy powerful self-care skills for life!

This 3 day, comprehensive wellness program includes individual and group training with activities to help you learn the tools, techniques and options necessary to live in a low stress, vitality infused body for the rest of your life. Reduce your stress, learn to move and carry
yourself with grace and comfort, move into a healthy weight zone and develop a playful mind
and a strong and flexible body.

5 Minute Body for Life can teach you to naturally...

  • relieve stress
  • lose weight
  • energize your body for activity
  • help you sleep like a baby
  • sharpen your mind & emotions
  • move with less aches and pains
  • protect you from a host of health risks

Optional Consultation Add On

You may wish to add on an Individual Consultation with Dr. Frank Jarrell or member of his team, with specific self care recommendations to meet your individual needs. This
option is available at most program dates & locations.