A New Cost Effective Plan to Bring Spinal Reflex Therapy to All


Spinal Reflex Therapy

Spinal Reflex Therapy or Spondylogenic Reflex Therapy is the culmination of 80 years of formal research by various academics and physicians, and includes over 23 years of research and development by Dr. Frank Jarrell on the subject of “spondylogenic reflex syndromes” (SRS).

Through his studies, protocol development and educational programs, Dr. Jarrell brings this unique withdrawal reflex to the forefront of multiple health care professions. He expands upon our understanding of the prevalence, pathophysiology, clinical presentation and specific assessment and treatment strategies necessary to identify and mitigate this powerful and poorly understood neurological condition.

Market Challenges

Although the educational material Dr. Jarrell has written and designed about the SRS is comprehensive, cost effective delivery in a modern format has been a long standing challenge. Over 10 years ago, Dr. Jarrell chose to lead the continuing education market and go environmentally friendly by converting his course materials, software, and marketing tools into more eco-conscious, technology based, materials. As a result, the high costs associated with this leading edge educational technology initially limited us to delivering a high cost, high quality product to market. Fortunately, due to more cost effective innovations in the distribution system, our cost of delivery is dropping and allowing us to be more flexible in our pricing options.

The Solution We've All Been Waiting For

Given the recent advancements in low cost software server fees and improved software design, SRI, Intl. can now offer a tremendous discount on its Spinal Reflex Therapy training and certification while still maintaining high standards of quality and providing students with even better services. Having reduced our distribution costs by 30% in Phase 1 of product redesign during the last quarter of 2015, we are now offering limited trial discounts during Phase 2 with another 30% reduction. For example, our original SRT Provider Certification Package cost was $1,295. Our current cost is $495, or $800 below our mid 2015 product cost.

The preliminary response has been exceptional with sales climbing significantly. Our limited time offer will continue until our software server capacity approaches full, at which time we will have to readjust product cost upwards to match market demand and distribution costs.

For now, we offer the most powerful hands-on technique in the health care profession. Spinal Reflex Therapy offers 100% predictable, dependable and reproducible (PDR) outcomes through soft tissue therapy activation of the brain and spinal cord’s endogenous neurochemistry to grossly reduce pain and anxiety, increase range of motion, reduce stiffness, improve coordination, stimulate tissue healing, normalize muscle strength and eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) at an unbelievably low cost.

One of our most popular products, SRT Provider Certification Package offers extensive benefits on top of those just mentioned. It includes 56 NCBTMB CECs, hand-held SRT Infrared ProScanner, SRT Certified Provider web listing on www.sricert.org, access to SRT Professional Certification, access to Supplemental Courses and graphics and marketing resources.

We look forward to sharing this powerful technique with more and more providers over the next year. So don’t wait, if you’ve been considering training in Spinal Reflex Therapy, now is your chance.

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